All goods and services are subject to a written agreement between the customer and AM Pure, to be signed when the services are provided.
◦ We are committed to full client satisfaction! Before service, you will receive a price quote, only after your approval we will provide our services.

100% satisfaction:

If a customer has a complaint about a service performed by AM Pure technician, he needs to allow AM Pure representative to inspect the service.

If the customer does not allow an on-site inspection by AM Pure representative, he will not be eligible to take advantage of the 100% satisfaction benefits.

Suppose the inspections show the significant bad performance of service provided by an AM Pure technician. The customer will have the right to refund the specific section amount described in the work agreement.

Additional services:

Additional services refer to services other than the customer ordered by phone with AM Pure representative/dispatcher or any other company who contracted AM Pure for the job.

An AM Pure representative on-site may offer additional services according to his discretion. The AM Pure representative on-site will not perform any additional services, free or charged, without the customer's authorization or the person in charge on-site.

The person in charge will be the customer that booked the appointment or someone on his behalf and any person who signed the work agreement.

"Annual Cleaning" Package and coupon:

The "Annual cleaning" is the package name.

The "annual cleaning" package is valid for existing customers who had a thorough cleaning with AM Pure in the past year, and their property is not bigger than 1,200 square feet.

Package description and any restrictions will be provided in full by am AM Pure dispatcher when a customer calls to inquire about the package.

"Whole house" Package and coupon:

The "whole house" is the package name.

The "whole house" package is considered a basic cleaning by AM Pure standards.

The cleaning of the "whole house" package will remove some loose dust and debris starting in the main supply line only.

The cleaning of the "whole house" package does not include opening the registers and cleaning individual air ducts in the house area.

No guarantee for any results.

Package description and any restrictions will be provided in full by am AM Pure dispatcher when a customer calls to inquire about the package.

Monthly specials on site:

The packages on the monthly specials page on AM Pure website may have restrictions.

A representative on the phone will provide restrictions.

Monthly special packages and prices may be changed from time to time.

Certified technician:

AM Pure certified technicians are certified by AM Pure staff according to AM Pure standards.


All AM Pure employees are insured under Michigan workers comp insurance law.

AM Pure carries General liability insurance to secure insurance coverage if AM Pure employees on-site damage.

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